Quadrant Trays

Slimline_quad tray
Quadrant Trays



  • Slimline 45mm height
  •  ABS capped stone resin
  •  Optional riser leg and panel pack
  •  Extensive range of sizes
  •  Lifetime guarantee


An optional riser leg and panel pack allows the majority of April trays to be upgraded to a riser tray.

The easy fit adjustable legs and panel clips allow for a quick and easy installation and maintenance access, ideal for use on solid floors.


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inc VAT(20%)
900x760 (Left Hand Option)2531L/H900760£172.00
900x760 (Right Hand Option)2531R/H900760£172.00
1000x800 (Left Hand Option)2532L/H1000800£181.00
1000x800 (Right Hand Option)2532R/H1000800£181.00
1200x800 (Left Hand Option)2533L/H1200800£190.00
1200x800 (Right Hand Option)2533R/H1200800£190.00
1200x900 (Left Hand Option)2534L/H1200900£198.00
1200x900 (Right Hand Option)2534R/H1200900£198.00
50mm Fast Flow Waste630£29.00
90mm Waste630-90£29.00
800 & 900 Quads Riser Leg & Panel Pack198/000£76.00
1000 Quads Riser Leg & Panel Pack194/000£88.00
Offset Quads Riser Leg & Panel Pack199/000£88.00